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Wuhan Hangda had launched Excellent Group Leader Training Camp
     Wuhan Hangda had invited JinCheng Management Training & Consulting Company to launch a four-day 'Excellent Group Leader Training Camp between the November 7th to 8th and the November 14th to 15th in 2015, aimed at improving their professional quality and actual management capability as well as further enhancing the company¡¯s whole management level.
     Both department mangers and group leaders had received training in the management skills. During the brief four days, trainees had earnestly studied the courses about Team Perception, Communication Competence, Objectives Management, Management Practice, and so on. The training courses had adopted the form of experiential training and learning to closely integrate management theory with practice, inspiring trainees through the numerous examples, the Business Management Simulated Sandbox, the interactive classroom-teaching, and the experience sharing. These training methods had been designed to combine with theory, enjoyment and operability that offer a number of appealing benefits to trainees.
    After the training, all trainees had received a Certificate of Completion awarded. Trainees said that, in the four-day training, they learned a lot of management knowledge and also broaden the horizons. They would keep learning and improving in order to strive their best to achieve excellence for the company.
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